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Emotion Regulation Therapy Programme 

Scientific Research has determined that Child Specific – Emotion Focused CBT and Emotion Regulation Therapy, combined with Emotion Regulation Education is the most effective behavioural restructuring therapy for Children with Emotional or Behavioural needs. 

Debbie has incorporated these findings, and developed an Emotion Regulation Therapy Programme that is unique in delivery and effective in empowering Children to moderate their Changing States of Being.

For Children with Heightened Anxiety, the programme identifies disturbed States of Being in key environments, such as school and at home, and coaches the Child on how to neutralise the disturbances within those environments.

For Children with Low Emotion Regulation, the programme addresses challenging behaviour and perceptions, and increases Emotion Regulation Skills.

The effectiveness of the programme is due to the implementation of purpose designed activities that have been developed over 30 years of Personal Practice. Debbie generates ‘In the Moment’ Emotion Learning, providing Children with real life experiences to practice and ‘buy into’ the use of the Emotion Regulation Tools.

This programme is Solutions Focused addressing the complex needs of the client, with in-depth Pre and Post Therapy reports and the development of Client specific – Emotion/Behavioural Management Plans for Whanau and Schools . The programme includes Family Therapy if required. Debbie attends IEP, FGC and HCN meetings if possible, to provide Schools and Professionals with an understanding of the Child’s specific needs and provide a voice for the Child. The programme is aided by a team of Therapy Dogs and (if facilitated at Willow Therapy Farm) a team of Therapy Horses.

Foster Home Crisis Services

This 'In the Family Home' programme addresses the underlying cause of potential Foster Care breakdown and develops and implements solutions to meet the needs of the individuals and collective within the Family unit. For further information download the Foster Home Crisis Services Referral Form.

School Emotion Education Programmes

In 2010 Debbie developed and facilitated a School Based Emotion I.Q Pilot Programme for vulnerable Children in a decile 2 , South Auckland Primary School.

Children were selected for the pilot programme based on high Emotional and Behavioural Needs. The programme proved effective in moderating behaviour , increasing Emotion Regulation Skills and increasing the general wellbeing of the participants. Based on the Pilot Programme, Debbie has developed a range of Social and Emotional Learning Programmes for Primary, Intermediate and High Schools.

The Social and Emotional Learning Programmes in Auckland and Northland schools as well as facilitating the Willow SEL Programme at Willow Therapy Farm, in Clevedon. 

Debbie has also developed and facilitated Self Leadership Programmes for DIO and Lynfield College as well as runs after school Self Leadership Programmes for Teenagers.

Willow SEL Programme

The Willow SEL Programme is an Animal and Nature assisted Social and Emotional Learning Programme. The objective of the programme is to improve participants Emotion Regulation skills and peer engagement.

With the assistance of horses, dogs and the natural environment, participants are taught Emotion Regulation Tools. Support material is supplied to the teacher to assist in implementing the Emotion Regulation strategies within the classroom. 

During the 5 week programme, participants gain a better understanding of their emotional reactions and those of their peers. The strategies taught are designed to diffuse the agitation of the emotion in the early stages of an emotional or behavioural disturbance. Used in the classroom, these tools are an effective means of reducing behavioural incidents and maintaining engagement.

The Willow SEL Programmes are facilitated at Willow Therapy Farm in Clevedon.

For further information regarding the Willow SEL Programmes visit

Rongomatane Guided Imagery Programme

The Rongomatane programme incorporates Visualisation, Emotion Mindfulness, and Social and Emotional Learning Life Skills to bring the class participants to a 'learning ready' state of being.

Benefits of this programme include an increase in student participation, concentration, motivation and compliance as well as an increase in general wellbeing. (Teacher participation required).

Emotion Regulation and Inner Mindfulness

for Children with Disabilities.

Contact Debbie for further information regarding this programme.


Personalised Programmes are available upon request,

please email or call to discuss how we can help . 


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