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Debbie Rowberry

Debbie Rowberry is an Emotion Focused Behavioural Therapist, specialising in Emotion Regulation Therapy and Emotion Education Programmes for Children, Adolescents and Families with emotional and behavioural needs.

Debbie has a Post Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and has been teaching interoception strategies for over 15 years. Debbie is also a Rock and Water Facilitator (a psychoeducational programme) and is a trained Eagala Equine Specialist and Eagala Certified Mental Health Practitioner. 

Her Programmes combine Emotion Regulation Therapy, which is a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Interoception training, as well as Emotion Mindfulness Training and Positive Life Choices Coaching to assist Children, Teenagers and Adults to understand and Self Regulate their changing States of Being.

As well as providing Intensive Therapy Programmes, Debbie is proactive in the community, facilitating Emotion Educational Programmes for schools and Conscious Parenting Workshops.

Debbie is the Owner of Willow Therapy Farm, a Equine Assisted Nature Based Emotion Education Centre , in Clevedon, Auckland and also provides Therapeutic and Coaching services at the Takapuna Hub and within Schools.

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